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A world where there is no green sight Is a place devoid of harmony, devoid of light To dream of a better world Is is so mean a task ? A world that loves us As its own not as an invader. - Himanshu Raj

: Nature is love


A plastic bag takes hundreds years to decompose. Plastic waste creates numerous landfills everyday that make the land unfit for any other use. With the increase in population pressure over land, a single foot of space matters. Reject its use if not necessary, if possible reduce and if not then reuse and recycle. - Priyanshu Ghosh

: Follow the three steps


Our world is so beautiful. Take a moment to soak it in. From the fantabulous landscapes to the intriguing and intricate mysteries of life and living beings, everything is just so unique. The largest or the smallest, the hot and cold, the living and non living, all are miraculously balanced. As we know, even a small change in the gene structure can lead to catastrophic mutations. Same way, breakage of this delicate balance can lead to our downfall. So respect this balance, respect nature and respect life.

: Balance is necessary


M S Swaminathan once said,“if conservation of natural resources goes wrong, nothing else will go right.” Today we are divided by borders, religions and race. Each of us support different agendas. But something we all have in common is to ensure the perpetuation of our earth and of humanity. It does not require years of education or competition. It only requires few minutes of your day and a good will.

: Common to us all


As pollution increases, our life expectancy will decrease. A day of breathing the toxic air in many megacities can be equal to smoking even 10-15 cigarettes in a single day. Millions suffered severely from ambient air pollution which even caused lung cancers, asthma attacks and cardiovascular diseases. A large portion of this could have been reduced by taking small steps. It is time that we become conscious of our actions and contribute in any way possible.

: We need a breath of fresh air


Climate change leaves animals at risk of drought, disease and death as the heat causes freshwater supplies to dwindle. Infectious diseases spread faster and bring with it one of the biggest killers of animals - heat stroke. Myanmar recorded the highest number of elephant deaths because of heat strokes.

: Climate Change is killing animals

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